The benefits of sport on the health of women and on the body too many, it may stimulate the blood circulation in the body and work to get rid of the health disorders suffered by members, may exercise daily for half an hour to get rid of diseases and burdens on the body, Helps women get rid of life problems and make life better and free from conflicts experienced by women. Many people become preoccupied with technology and their practice of sport is completely non-existent, which has led to serious diseases of heart disease and ordered Joint pain and other respiratory disorders.

  1. Psychological benefits

The sport has an effective effect on mental health as it increases self-confidence and eliminates the person’s feelings of anxiety, improves appearance and eliminates the negative emotions, emptiness, routine and boredom that affect one’s life. Increase the feeling of happiness and psychological comfort and increase the pleasure and sense of psychological calm, and as the sport works to address the problems of insomnia and disposal of the sedans and address the problems of sleep disorders, and sports is important to get rid of tension and help to discipline and eliminate negative thinking.

2 – physiological benefits

1 – Sport has a very important and important role in the maintenance of physical health and physical health and this through the exercise daily to get strong muscles and get rid of problems that hinder appearance and work to increase the beauty and elegance of the body completely, the sport may make the body more attractive and beauty without As a result of any large, high-cost facelift, daily exercise that helps you build high-mass muscles is maintained.

  1. Sport is also very important in order to increase the flow of blood throughout the body. In addition, the sport stimulates blood circulation in the body, promotes metabolism and eliminates the imbalance caused by the lack of blood reaching all its cells. , And blood flow gives the skin smoothness and health and beauty and protect him from cracking or the appearance of stains because of the lack of blood access to lack of movement.

3 – Sport is a factor that works to open the appetite and increase the ability of the body to get rid of fat, as this sport helps the body to mix many of the different calories that accumulate in the body and be excess of the usual limit.

4 – Sport is a modern technology used by women to enhance the chance of natural birth, as it eliminates heart disease and works to protect the body from blockages of arteries and useful to get rid of diabetes and cancer, and sports is useful to keep the human from the risk of infection Strokes and helps the body to get an ideal body and weight perfect and distinctive, and works to fight obesity and obesity and thus maintain the health of the defect to which it is exposed.

5 – Sport is characterized by the ability to eliminate the great problem of roughness in the joints and bones, and thus increase the strength of muscles and give them the flexibility and flexibility needed, and help to get rid of the problems of movement due to lack of fluid and movement in the body.


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