Cosmetics Many people resort to using cosmetics, either to give the face beauty and attractiveness, or to hide the blemishes that may suffer from the skin, as the quickest way to get rid of these defects, and that it relieves them from going to the doctor, and in fact that the cosmetics risks far outweigh their advantages , And we will learn in this article about cosmetic damages.

Foundations of Determination of Cosmetic Damage :

Determine the purpose of the use of these preparations. How long the lotions will be used. The nature of the components used in preparing them. The way these preparations are made. The possibility of interaction of cosmetics with other treatments. Damage to cosmetic

products for cosmetic damage caused by many of the causes mentioned above, including these damage: exposure of the skin to the injury of acne, and sensitivity and irritation. Redness of the face, and the appearance of rash. Dermatitis, or eczema, due to the interaction between the skin and some cosmetic compounds.

Change skin tone and color due to lightening and darkening of the skin. Clogged pores of the skin leading to the emergence of pills in the face. Skin irritation and itching due to sensitization of some compounds. Increase facial gloss due to high oils in creams and lotions, especially if the skin is greasy. The inability to renew the skin cells, because of the accumulation of cosmetics on the pores, and absorption of the skin. Exposure to infection due to the exchange of tools and cosmetics, eyeliner, cosmetic brushes. Lung damage caused by the inhalation of cosmetics, such as makeup and hair stabilizer. Damage to the eyes,Because of the use of false eyelashes, adhesives to paste eyelashes. Avoid exposing cosmetics to the sun, as this leads to the loss of preservatives, which doubles the damage to the skin. The appearance of wrinkles on the skin at a small age. Disturbance of the organs of the face, due to the relaxation of facial nerves. Lashes hair loss, due to adhesives for fixing eyelashes.

How to avoid cosmetic damage Attention to the date of manufacture of products, and the date of expiry, and the nature of the materials made, and whether it is suitable for the nature of the skin. Stay away from the use of lotions that contain substances lighten the skin, because it affects the skin badly after a period of use. The use of liquid plashers, away from the powder; because they lead to clogged pores of the skin, the appearance of grain, and zyuan. Choose well-known cosmetics, which have been tested and tested well, and stay away from using anonymous brands. Stay away from exposing hair to dye and change color a lot, recent studies have shown that pigments lead to cancer.

Tips and instructions

These are some additional tips and guidelines: [6] The need to stop using the product that causes any reaction to the skin immediately. Use hydrocortisone cream after consulting your doctor as it helps to reduce inflammation significantly. Care to choose a few ingredients, it reduces the chance of reaction to the skin. A simple test should be performed on the elbow and waiting for 48 – 72 hours. If redness, itching, burning or swelling is observed, this product should not be used permanently. The existence of terms on the product label such as hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, sensitivity tested, or non-irritating does not guarantee that the product will be pleasant on the skin. Some companies do tests and some do not. Rules on how to use these terms on the label.


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