There are a lot of ways and tips that help to maintain health in this article and exclusively on the first Arab Regim magazine in the world of fitness health and beauty know the most important ways to maintain health

Ways to maintain health :

People always strive to stay healthy, free from disease, and have a healthy body, through which they can do what they want without any trouble, and can grow old without suffering from the problems of aging. People often have major problems and difficulties in maintaining Their health is better than they have access to health. Preserving health requires lifelong insistence and follow-up on your diet and your whole life. But it makes it difficult for many to see the wrong ways they use to achieve full health, This is why S. The following are mentioned after the tips that can help you stay healthy:

General tips for maintaining physical health

– Eliminate unhealthy diet by avoiding pans and fast food saturated with fat, energy drinks, soft drinks, sweets filled with refined sugars, salt-rich foods, colors and taste enhancers, and inorganic foods containing hormones, as well as reducing the intake of meat of all kinds .

– Increase the intake of healthy foods: fruits and organic vegetables of all kinds, grains, legumes, nuts and fish, so that more raw foods or cooked, to provide the body with the necessary minerals and vitamins, as well as fibers that help digestion and expel toxins from the body

– Drink ample amounts of water daily especially in the early morning, at a rate of at least two liters a day; to help the body to burn excess fat, expel the waste from the digestive system, improve blood circulation and activate the cells.

– Obtain sufficient hours of sleep every day for at least eight hours while avoiding sleep because it causes a lot of health problems such as weight gain, insomnia and skin pigmentation, and try to accustom the body to sleep early, ie before the eleventh hour to regulate the biological clock and restore the cells of the body.

– To maintain daily exercise for at least half an hour and to familiarize the body with the permanent movement, in order to stimulate blood circulation, expand the lungs, strengthen the body, muscles and nerves, and improve the mood of the human. Rely on the natural materials used in the cleaning and beautification of the body, such as shampoos, creams and toothpastes, and avoid the use of chemically manufactured commercial materials.

Maintain health

– Improving the quality of sleep Helps go to bed at the same time daily, in the maintenance of health, through the body to get more sleep.

– Thinking in a positive way affects waking up bad mood, the way to deal with people around, in addition to the body’s weakness and inability to resist diseases and germs, so should always think in a positive way and enjoy a good mood.

– Drink a large amount of water Water makes up about 50% of the total body, which helps the body in the performance of its functions, in addition to increasing the ability of the mind to think, properly without sufficient water, so be careful to drink 6_8 cups Daily water.


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