Health Health is the general state of the body and mind, with reference to the safety of the functions of all body organs, healing of any diseases, and the individual’s mental and mental health. [1] Health is also the extent to which the individual’s physical, emotional, mental and social ability to adapt to the surrounding environment.

Health-related behaviors The importance of physical health has increased with the development of health services in the world and the development of medicine as well, through the treatment of some diseases that were intractable or fatal, and human behavior has become an important element to maintain the overall health of the body, so must improve behaviors through Follow the following: One of these behaviors: Commitment to healthy habits. Obtain support from health professionals. Maintain the right weight by reducing the caloric intake, which increases the sense of vitality and vitality. Eat healthy. 5] Exercise. Disease control, through proper diet, maintaining the blood pressure level in the body, this leads to a healthy flow of blood, and reduces the risk of heart disease. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, breaking the bad habits of eating ready-to-eat meals, helping to reduce disease and improving physical health . Mental and emotional health Mental and emotional health reflects the happiness of the individual, as well as self-confidence, flexibility and awareness. Good mental health leads the individual to better cope with life’s problems and avoids relapses. Mental health plays a very important role in maintaining physical health and vice versa. Things that improve mental health: Exercise, it stimulates the production of endorphins, a chemical in the brain that increases the sense of happiness and relaxation, and N exercise fitness exercises improve the physical appearance, thus promote mental health, increase the sense of confidence, They also reduce stress and improve mental and cognitive abilities. Healthy balanced diet. Building good social relationships helps maintain mental health. This can be done by doing voluntary work, watching movies, and joining a club. All these practices improve health, mood, and mental functioning.

The importance of maintaining health Maintaining health is absolutely essential. This reduces the risk of many diseases and health problems such as heart disease, Stroke, and some cancers. An individual can maintain his physical, mental, and psychological health by making many changes to lifestyle and food.

To maintain physical health Lifestyle changes Lifestyle changes that help to maintain physical health include: [1] [2] Maintaining a healthy weight: Obesity and weight gain can lead to many health problems such as high blood pressure, high Cholesterol level, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Obesity can also increase the chance of some cancers, as well as gallbladder diseases. Obesity can lead to joint problems, inflammation, or erosion, especially joints that carry weight. The body is like the joints of the spine, hips, or knees. Reducing excess weight is not difficult. It can be achieved by reducing the amount of food eaten, eating slowly, focusing on eating vegetables and fruits, and exercising. Regular exercise: Regular exercise for 30-60 minutes helps five times a week to prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes and colon cancer. It can also help treat many diseases such as depression, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure. It is worth mentioning that physical activity for even short periods is better than not exercising any physical activity. Quitting smoking: A person may need several attempts of up to 6-7 times before quitting smoking, and talk to a health care provider to help choose alternatives that help quit smoking.


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