It is the destination of every girl and woman, who has the absolute willingness to spend a lot of money in order to obtain beauty, despite the possibility of access to it at the lowest possible costs

This is done by following some of the methods that can be prepared at home, using ingredients that are widely available in the kitchen:

Apple : The apple can be sliced ​​into thin slices and placed on the face for 15 minutes to help remove all the fat and impurities from the face, close all open pores, and prefer not to wash the face directly, and clean the skin with a wet cotton cloth

Chocolate for the face : Chocolates are useful in skin peeling, containing tryptophan, which is known to regulate mood, as well as the possibility of mixing cocoa powder, honey and cream, so that this mixture as a kind of antioxidants to the skin.

Massage with eggs : Facial massage with egg yolk is a very well known way to maintain skin glow, where egg yolk is sprinkled with some drops of rose water, or lavender, and placed on the skin once a week.

Lemon: Lemon works as an effective cleanser for the skin, so that a few pieces of lemon are placed on the dark areas, and the different colors, such as under the eyes, or lining above the lips.

Water: Prefer to drink a glass of lukewarm water, adding a spoonful of honey and lemon juice to give it a flavor, so that help remove toxins from the skin, in addition to the glow of the skin.

Remove makeup : From the golden rules to keep skin fresh Make sure to remove make-up before bedtime where the skin needs to breathe all night.Leaving makeup on the skin at night causes blackheads and bumps to appear on the skin.It is preferable to use alcohol-free detergents and avoid using hot water because it causes excessive dryness of the skin. Remove make-up by putting some drops of olive oil on the cotton and gently massage the face to get rid of make-up.

“Steam” technology : A woman may not be able to fully clean her skin either for laxation or exposure to external agents and dust. So, in this case it is recommended to wash the face with warm water or steam . To carry out this step, it is necessary to fill the pot with very hot water and expose the facial skin to the rising steam , for an unmatched softness and perfect cleaning after the removal of dirt from the depths of the pores .

Hand-held : Hand-smoothing is a cosmetic step that does not escape. There are many handkerchiefs that can remove the dead skin from the hands and work to soften them at the same time. The mashed avocado (avocado mix is ​​perfect for women’s hair), on top of your hands , is a mixture that can secure the soft texture .


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