Every lady and girl cares about her appearance, elegance and make-up, especially when attending an event. In this line, we offer the latest and best make-up brands for the year, and it is advisable for the lady to get these types to enjoy an unparalleled look.

1-Hai Layter of Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic HighlighterMany international make-up experts, such as Jeffrey Starr, prefer to use Hai Beiter’s special hai to complete the final look, giving the face a special glow and light.

2-Eye Set from Stella Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye LinerStella’s Eye Liner received more than 2,800 positive ratings from Amazon.com and was listed on Seafura’s bestseller list, and Stella’s Eye Finder gives the perfect coverage any woman wants to get.

3 – L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara There is no lady who does not want to have long black eyelashes, and if you want it too, you need to buy Mascara Paradise of L’Oreal, which is characterized by brushes full of lashes and give her a black color not Resists, and the L’Oreal Paradise Mascara is the frequent choice of a number of well-known Utopians.

4-Foundation Wet & Wild Wet n Wild Photo Focus FoundationOne of the best base cream brands on the market, Witt & Wilde Foundation provides a perfect foundation for full makeup, giving the skin a smooth, natural and glowing feel. It has been tested in 7 different types of lighting to emphasize that it is cream The best foundation for all occasions.

5-Balta Ishada Huda Beauty Husk Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow PaletteIn 2017, the Hoda Beauty Group was distinguished by all its products, especially the outstanding Ishado, which continues in 2018. The most important feature of this collection is the diversity of colors between the rich and the brilliant, as well as the distinctive and high quality of each color.

6 . Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lip To get a smooth, liquid lubricant, you need to get this liquid booster from Pixi, which uses rose oil in its components to give the lips an unmatched moisture and shine.

  1. Contre Concealer The Conte Concealer is characterized by its exquisite cream texture and unique coverage that does not contain any glare that may disturb the lady or girl. It is the perfect choice for every lady, ensuring that the black halos are completely hidden .
  2. Lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip LinersCharlotte Tilbury is the lip liner that no woman can dispense with because of its long-lasting creamy makeup. The most important feature of this formula is that it allows the lady to drink all kinds of drinks without spoiling her brochures.

9 – Makeup Makeup from Milani Milani Make It Last Setting SprayAfter the lady spends a lot of time making up her make-up, she must ensure that it will last for some time and will not spoil her evening or day, so it is recommended to use a Melanie spray for makeup, which extends its effect up to 16 hours to keep the makeup completely.

10-Lip Tint from Etude House Darling Water Gel Tint If you are looking for a full, natural and shiny lips look, you will have a flint tint from Itode House, melting on the lips and giving it a perfect look and full of a wonderful color of your choice.


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