The use of makeup is the most common means used to get a bright and beautiful face , but many women do not prefer to use make-up for several reasons , most notably that it is the best way to make use of makeup , Requires constant care of the skin and remove it completely before sleep to avoid the occurrence of side effects in the long term , as well as many of the women prefer the natural appearance of the face without make-up or the like , and we will talk in this article about ways to make the face naturally .

Facial cosmetics:

Make-up : where there are special preparations for each part of the face and the best aspect of the face .

Cosmetic procedures : especially those that adopt facial injection Botox or Filler , and cosmetic operations that rely on the principle of the laser to give the face of youthfulness and youthfulness .

Natural methods : these methods are based on the use of masks and natural materials applied to the skin to give it brightness and vitality :

Methods of facial beauty naturally :

For a beautiful and bright face in natural ways , you can rely on the following : The intake of large amounts of water Water is an important element of cosmetic , as it is known that internal factors affect the appearance of skin and face. Drinking enough water , equivalent to eight cups a day , helps to give the face a look that is harsh and supple, as it moisturizes the body and detoxifies it . Masks for the freshness of the skin and its radiance Can be prepared and boiled parsley and washing the face by using daily twice a day morning and evening , as this continues to contribute to give the skin freshness and lighting and save them from the problem of freckles and wrinkles of the skin . Use cucumber juice syrup with honey to nourish the skin and maintain its moisture and beautiful appearance . One of the most useful essences for the skin is the rose and starch syrup , which is based on mixing three tablespoons of rose water with a large spoon of starch and adding to the amount of half a cup of water , and after mixing it is placed a little on the fire and then set aside to cool, and used on the face on a daily basis. Taking care of the lips The maintenance of the lips soft and imported one of the things that show the beauty of the face. For rosy lips , the lips are lubricated with sweet almond oil daily before bed to keep them moist . Strawberry or strawberry mix can be used and applied to lips for naturally rosy lips .


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